fundraising calendars

Three different types of calendars are available to adorn your home or office. 
Wall, Desk and Year Calendars
A pictorial anthology of majestic rare olive trees for each month of the year. Some of these trees are ancient residing off the beaten path, but they will decorate your home for the whole year bringing you visual delight each day.
Bring a dash of the mediterranean into you office or home with this stunning collage of imperial olive trees. The photographs for each month are comprised of the most elegant specimens of archaic olive trees, many of which are sadly being cut down after taking centuries to grow. Help immortalize them by displaying them in your environment.


$5 usd


$5 usd

Calendars are available in varying configurations and different languages.  

Once we receive payment via PayPal you will be sent by email the digital JPG file with no copyright watermark showing on the photo.  

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$3 usd

$3 usd

*Income from sales fund the awareness campaign and the author's ability to seek and record these marvelous ancient trees where they are found, in the "wild".  Your purchase goes toward a worthwhile cause and we thank you for your support.

criteria for calendars

The criteria for a tree being included in the calendar is quite simple: it must either be enormous, or very old, or very unique, or very beautiful; it must posses either stature, intricate bark design, or some other feature that makes it stand out (in the author's eyes). In addition, to make it into the calendar, there must be no watering hose lines on the tree or visible in the photo; this is what makes finding eligible trees so difficult. One must ride into the wild so to speak since any tree found around communities is almost sure to have some kind of irrigation system surrounding it.

The photographs below of admittedly two beautiful olive trees (which would have otherwise made it into the calendar) illustrate the type of photos and setting that prevents them from being included, namely the aforementioned watering hoses showing up in the photo. 
Copyright 2016 Adoni All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2016 Adoni All Rights Reserved